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Greetings: In the Name of our Precious Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ, thank you for taking time to stop by and visit us here at H. Metcalf Ministries. We are so blessed, for the opportunity to briefly fellowship with you. May your visit to this website, be a blessing and life changing.

Our Mission Statement:

To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all four (4) corners of the world.We are dedicated and committed to helping those that are lost, find true joy and peace, in a man name Jesus.

In a dying world, where Satan knows his time is not long, it is imperative that all of us that have a personal relationship with God, share the word of God with those that are being controlled and blinded by Satan, when and where ever the situation presents it self.

It is our prayer at H. Metcalf Ministries, that your visit to our website, will reinvigorate the spirit of those that have "Drifted Away" from God, and open the eyes of all those people that are "Stuck", in a world of ungodly temptation. We pray that they will find the peace of God, that will lead them to Eternal Salvation.

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